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The Future of Building with Owens Corning® Structural Lumber

Owens Corning’s® new structural lumber line is a unique entry into the building materials market. The composition includes Advantex® Fiberglas™ technology, which increases durability and ability to handle high live loads. OC™ structural lumber is also completely wood-free, which confers numerous additional benefits.

Features of OC™ Structural Lumber

Owens Corning® structural lumber is a wood-free composite material that provides durability and strength for structural applications. It is well-suited to outdoor projects that require rot and insect resistance. It features uniform construction and a smooth, even appearance that mimics natural wood.

Although it contains no wood products, Owens Corning® lumber cuts and installs just like natural wood. There is no need for specialty tools or extra equipment. Additionally, because there is little variability between boards, many people find it easier to fit and install composite structural lumber.

Owens Corning® manufactures its structural lumber products in four standard colors and five specialty colors. Standard colors include black, gray, sand, and white. OC™'s special colors are barefoot sand, barefoot gray, cedar, saddle, and weatherwood. These provide a realistic wood-like appearance without the maintenance required for a real wood deck.

At The Deck Store, we carry OC™ structural lumber in lengths from 12 to 20 feet in the following profiles:

  • 2x4
  • 2x6
  • 2x8
  • 2x10
  • 4x4

What is OC™ Structural

7 Benefits of Using Owens Corning® Structural Lumber

Owens Corning® structural lumber offers strength, durability, and attractiveness, giving it excellent long-term value. There are many advantages of using composite materials over wood. This construction solution combines the easy-to-work-with nature of traditional lumber with advanced properties.

1) Rot Proof

Owens Corning® engineered lumber resists rot and water damage. It is suitable for both fresh and saltwater contact, making it an excellent choice for decks in waterfront areas. Additionally, it is excellent for ground-contact applications, eliminating the need for chemically pressure-treated lumber.

Many wood decks last for 10 to 15 years. This can vary significantly depending on the care you provide. Owens Corning® composite deck lumber lasts significantly longer than that. With no wood fibers to rot, you can realistically expect it to last as long as you are in your home.

2) Rustproof

Rust stains can destroy the appearance of your deck and outdoor structures. OC™ structural lumber eliminates that problem. Unlike structural steel decking, it will never rust. This is a huge benefit if you are looking for a deck material that offers long-term performance.

Additionally, the materials used do not react with metal as some wood treatments do, so you don’t have to worry about fasteners leaving rust stains on boards. You should choose fasteners designed to work with composite lumber for the best results.

3) Strength

The unique composition of Owens Corning® structural lumber translates to superior strength compared to similar materials. It can handle higher live loads than similarly sized wood framing, which boosts the capacity of your outdoor structures while simultaneously allowing smaller framing materials.

OC™ structural lumber uses Advantex® Fiberglas™ technology. Infused into the lumber during the manufacturing process, this proprietary technology adds strength from the inside out. It also enhances the corrosion resistance of OC™ structural lumber.

4) Uniform Design

Each piece of OC™ lumber is the same. There is no variation from one to the other, which makes installation simple. Additionally, it will not warp or twist, making your structures more stable.

Consistency is crucial to a well-designed and executed building project. It ensures that each piece fits precisely where it should. It also makes cutting easier, since you know ahead of time that every piece of lumber is exactly the same.

The lack of warping and splitting is another huge advantage that makes installation easier and faster. It eliminates the need to dig through piles of unusable material to find a good board. This not only makes construction go smoother, but it also reduces waste, further adding to the sustainability of Owens Corning® structural lumber.

The consistency of engineered lumber has another advantage for homeowners who want to make the most use of the space underneath their new deck. The uniformity of a finished deck makes it easier to install an under-deck ceiling system to turn it into a covered storage space. It is usually a good idea to include these features in your plans before you start construction for the best results.

5) Insect Resistant

Composites are not susceptible to insect damage like wood framing. With no cellulose in OC™ lumber, there is no food to attract pests such as termites and carpenter ants.

Traditional lumber framing is highly susceptible to insect damage. Besides being unsightly, this type of damage can quickly undermine the stability of your new deck. Additionally, if wood-destroying insects are in your deck, there is a good chance they will move on to your home. Termite and carpenter ant damage to a house can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in structural damage.

When you choose to use composite lumber such as Owens Corning® structural lumber, you do not have to worry about this problem. Instead, you can enjoy your deck for years, knowing that termites won’t undermine its soundness.

6) Thermal Resistance

Owens Corning® lumber is thermally resistant. It features heat-reflective technology designed to allow minimal expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.

This results in a reduction of heat transfer to other components, which can improve longevity.

Thermal resistance is a serious concern in decking material that is, unfortunately, often overlooked. It is especially important in areas with excessive heat or on decks that receive full sun. Lower heat transfer increases the longevity of building materials and reduces the need for regular maintenance. Finally, materials like OC™ lumber stay cooler to the touch, making them more comfortable for foot traffic.

7) Lifetime Residential Warranty

You will have plenty of time to enjoy your new deck thanks to Owens Corning’s® lifetime residential warranty on its structural lumber. This warranties that OC™ structural lumber installed in a single-family home and maintained according to manufacturer instructions will remain free from manufacturing defects and damage related to:

  • Fungal decay
  • Termites
  • Splintering
  • Splitting

This warranty increases the value of your new deck by assuring that it will last for many years. It also protects your investment so that if something does go wrong, one of the most respected names in the building materials industry will stand behind its products.

In addition to the residential warranty, Owens Corning® also provides a 25-year commercial warranty for commercial applications.

Explore Owens Corning® Structural Lumber

At The Deck Store, we carry popular composite building materials, including OC™ structural lumber. We work with contractors and homeowners to create attractive outdoor structures designed to last. Contact us to learn more about this versatile product and its benefits.