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Deck Railing Kits

Elevate Your Deck with Low-Maintenance Railing Kits 

Ready to complete your deck with the perfect railing? Look no further than deck railing kits! Transform your deck into a haven of safety, style, and endless possibilities with the perfect deck railing kit. Beyond completing the look of your outdoor space, railings play a crucial role in ensuring your deck meets safety standards and provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. But choosing the right railing doesn't have to be overwhelming. Enter the convenience and ease of deck railing kits! 

Why Choose Deck Railing Kits? 

  • Simplicity: Railing kits take the guesswork out of building a railing. With pre-cut components and easy-to-follow instructions, even DIY novices can achieve professional results.
  • Safety: Railings are essential for preventing falls and ensuring your deck meets building codes. Kits offer peace of mind, knowing you have a safe and compliant railing system.
  • Style: From modern aluminum to classic wood, railing kits come in a variety of materials and designs to match your deck's aesthetic and your personal taste.
  • Value: Compared to buying individual components, kits are often more cost-effective, saving you time and money.

Safety & Style 

Elevate your deck's safety and visual appeal with high-quality deck railing from The Deck Store. Are you interested in designing your own railing using individual components, or do you prefer the convenience of deck railing kits? Explore our options and find the perfect solution for safety and style. 

We offer a wide selection from trusted brands like Trex® railing, TimberTech® railing, Feeney railing, and Southern Vinyl railing, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs and budget.  

Explore Our Curated Selection 

  • Composite railing: Maintenance-free and weather-resistant 
  • Aluminum railing: Sleek and modern, perfect for contemporary spaces 
  • Vinyl railing: Affordable and durable, a popular choice for traditional decks 
  • Cable railing: Offer unobstructed views while maintaining safety, ideal for scenic decks 

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips 

Unsure which railing kit best suits your needs? Our knowledgeable team is here to help! We'll guide you through material options, design considerations, and installation tips to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.


  • Material: Consider durability, maintenance needs, and desired aesthetics
  • Style: Choose a design that complements your deck and personal taste
  • Budget: Explore various materials and brands to find the perfect fit for your needs
  • Code compliance: Ensure the chosen kit meets local building codes and safety regulations

Most kits include posts, rails, balusters, fasteners, and installation instructions. Some may also include pre-assembled panels for easier installation.

Kits vary in complexity, but many are designed for DIY installation with clear instructions and minimal tools required. For more complex projects, consider hiring a professional deck builder.

Most residential decks require railings between 36 and 42 inches high. Check your local building codes for specific requirements.