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Deck Hardware Essentials for Your Project

Building a deck is an exciting project! Before you start hammering away, it's crucial to secure the right hardware to ensure your deck is strong, beautiful, and durable. At The Deck Store, we specialize in providing high-quality deck hardware tailored for deck construction. Our selection includes a wide variety of options, perfectly suited for both traditional and composite decking.


Fasteners: These are crucial for assembling the deck and include structural screws, composite deck screws, fascia screws, and railing screws.

Connectors: Brackets, straps, ties, and post bases are essential for the structural integrity of the deck, particularly for the framing portion that includes attaching railings, posts, and beams.

Yes, our collection includes corrosion-proof and weather-resistant composite decking hardware, such as stainless steel and coated composite deck screws, perfect for outdoor use.

Choosing the right hardware, such as composite deck screws or deck railing hardware, depends on your deck’s material, environmental exposure, and structural needs. Our experienced staff can assist you in selecting the perfect hardware for your deck that is compatible with top brands like Trex and TimberTech AZEK.

Our hardware is available in a variety of finishes and styles to complement different decking materials and aesthetics, including options for composite decking hardware that blends seamlessly with your deck.

Hidden fasteners are a type of hardware used to attach materials like decking boards without leaving visible screws or nails on the surface. These fasteners typically clip or slot into the sides or bottom of the boards, securing them to the underlying structure discreetly.

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