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Why Choose ThruFlow Decking Panels?

ThruFlow decking is a durable and environmentally friendly decking solution featuring a unique grated design that allows for maximum light penetration, water drainage, and air flow. It is designed to be the long-lasting, non-slip solution to many decking needs, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas.


ThruFlow panels offer several advantages, including:

Storm Ready: The open design allows water and debris to pass through, making it ideal for storm-prone areas.

Decreased Sun Impact: Allows sunlight to pass through, helping protect aquatic life beneath.

Anti-Slip Surface: Provides a safe, slip-resistant surface even when wet.

Yes, ThruFlow decking is excellent for saltwater environments as it is corrosion-resistant and not susceptible to damage from marine borers or other saltwater organisms.

Maintenance of ThruFlow decking is minimal. Regular cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to keep the surface safe and attractive. It’s also important to periodically check and tighten the fasteners.

Yes, ThruFlow panels are designed to be environmentally friendly. The open design minimizes the impact on plant and animal life below and around the decking area, and the materials used are recyclable.

No, ThruFlow panels are not intended to be used as load-bearing structural members. Although they are tough and durable, they do not possess the same rigidity as wood and require adequate support.

ThruFlow recommends #10 or #12 panhead stainless steel screws (2.5") for installation. Pre-drilling is not needed. Use elongated screws for Impact, Surge, and SOL products (not Legacy). For non-wood structures, use #10 x 2 self-tapping stainless steel screws.