WearDeck™, a family-owned and Florida-based manufacturer, provides an ideal solution for homeowners and contractors who require weather-resistant decking that is long-lasting, strong, and durable. This commercial grade decking can be used for residential or commercial applications thanks to a high live load rating.

WearDeck™ Reinforced Polymeric Lumber is made from virgin HDPE and strategically placed co-extruded fiberglass strands. It has no wood content whatsoever, which means it isn’t affected by the weather or insects like wood is. Because it is reinforced and made with a proprietary process, these HDPE boards are also stronger than many other decking options.


HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. You may have read the term on a recycling sheet, as it’s a commonly used type of plastic. In fact, if you look in your fridge, there is a good chance you’ll spy some. Milk and juice jugs, yogurt containers, and plenty of food jars are all made from HDPE. If you check the bottom of a container and it reads “#2”, then it is an HDPE plastic.

HDPE is versatile, which has made it extremely useful for packaging, as well as for home and garden products like buckets, plastic furniture, and even car parts.

Some of what makes HDPE so useful is also what makes HDPE a great product for your decking. HDPE effectively blocks out water, it’s strong, it doesn’t emit any chemicals, and it resists rot and insects. These are all things your decking should do to keep it looking good for a long time.

HDPE decking is impervious to sunscreen and insect spray, which can damage other decking. It is also one of the best products available to resist food oils and staining that can so often damage traditional composite deck surfaces. Combined with all the other benefits, this makes WearDeck™ a great option for homes and docks.


  • DURABLE. The construction of WearDeck™ boards, which includes both virgin HDPE and fiberglass, makes them long-lasting and worry-free for years to come.
  • STRONG. WearDeck™ boards are structural and have a higher live load capacity than other HDPE boards, composite decking, and PVC decking. WearDeck™ can support 120 pounds a square foot at 24” on center. Most other boards can only support 100 pounds a square foot at 16” on center. When installed 16” on center, WearDeck™ boards can support over 260 pounds a square foot. These are currently the strongest boards on the market.
  • ROT AND MILDEW RESISTANT. WearDeck™ boards are wood-free, which means no rot, no mildew, no termites, and no splinters!
  • LIGHTERWEIGHT. WearDeck™ boards weigh less than many other traditional composite products.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT. Sun and water won’t harm your boards—WearDeck™ boards stand up to both freshwater and saltwater. In the southeastern U.S., that’s a necessity!
  • ATTRACTIVE. Lovely wood grain boards are pressed in eight shades that are sure to contrast beautifully with your home. The wood grain also helps create a non-slip surface.
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE. WearDeck™ boards don’t require painting or sealing like wood boards. Your boards won’t start to peel, blister, or crack as wood boards can. Plus, they’re easy to clean. WearDeck™ boards can easily be cleaned with a household cleaner and a natural bristle brush.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE. Because HDPE decking is durable and requires little maintenance, there is little expense beyond the cost of the boards, hardware, and installation.
  • LONG-LASTING COLORS. WearDeck™’s eight shades (Barefoot Grey, Barefoot Sand, Cool Gray, Sand, Cedar, Weatherwood, Saddle, and White) are UV stabilized so they’ll look good for years to come.
  • HEAT-REFLECTIVE TECHNOLOGY. WearDeck uses special technology to keep boards up to 30% cooler than traditional lumber and composite decking. Barefoot Grey and Barefoot Sand colorways are designed to remain cool and comfortable for bare feet.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Simply register your products on WearDeck™’s website to begin your warranty coverage.


WearDeck™ boards come in a variety of sizes and can also be cut to order to reduce waste. They are an ideal solution for pool decks and docks, as well as commercial and municipal projects.

Available decking profiles include:

  • 5/4 X 6” Standard 12’ 16’ 20’ Special lengths available up to 28’
  • 5/4 X 8” Standard  12′ 16′ 20’ Special lengths available up to 28’
  • 2 X 4” Standard 16’ or 20’ lengths available
  • 2 X 6” Standard 12’ 16’ 20’ Special lengths available up to 28’
  • 2 X 8” Standard 12’ 16′ 20′ lengths available
  • 2 X 10” Standard 12’ 20′ lengths available
  • 1/2 X 6” Trim/ Fascia / Fence Picket 18’ Standard
  • 1/2 X 10″ Trim/ Fascia / Fence Picket 12’ Standard

Installation of WearDeck™ boards is similar to that of composite boards; quality composite decking screws are recommended for optimal performance, though other fasteners may be suitable.

For pricing information, make sure to speak with a Decks & Docks specialist. WearDeck™ does offer a “cut to order” program that can help ensure you get exactly what you need. To see if your project is eligible, contact Decks & Docks today.


WearDeck™ uses a proprietary method to make its high-quality boards. With new HDPE wrapped around fiberglass, these boards expand only minimally with heat or cold. In addition, because of the materials used, WearDeck™ boards can safely be used around water and can even be installed underwater. WearDeck™ is also rated for ground contact.

WearDeck™ boards are manufactured in the U.S. in Ocala, Florida. This local company is committed to producing a high-quality product that people across the country can enjoy.



Keep the look of wood but ditch the splinters with attractive boards that will keep their color for years to come!

WearDeck™ boards are available in 8 different long-lasting shades. With boards molded to resemble wood decking, they are a perfect complement to any home.

Wood decking requires regular maintenance to keep looking its best. Even then, it can still fall prey to mold, rot, and infestation. HDPE decking like WearDeck™ provides a worthy alternative with many benefits for both homeowners and landowners.

With multiple different lengths and eight attractive colors available, WearDeck™ can help you optimize your dock or deck, helping you create the relaxing (practically maintenance-free) retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

At the same time, WearDeck™ boards’ versatility and strength make them a great choice for commercial and municipal projects that require a high live load rating.

If you’d like to learn more about WearDeck™ and whether it’s an ideal decking for your project, speak to a Decks & Docks professional.


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