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Composite Deck Boards

Composite decking is an excellent choice for residential decks. It offers superior durability and resists insects and water damage. You can easily walk across it barefoot without worrying about painful splinters, and you can also say goodbye to regular painting or maintenance. All these great features make composite decking an excellent choice for homeowners or builders looking to maximize performance and long-term value. Choosing composite decking materials is only the first step in designing a great outdoor space. You also need to find a shape, size, and design that complements your home’s style while meeting your entertaining needs. These popular 2024 backyard composite decking ideas are a great place to draw inspiration.

Colors and Patterns 

The use of color and contrast is a popular theme for 2024. There are several ways to make this approach work, including: 

  • Herringbone: This attractive pattern adds interest without the need for special materials. Consider using the TimberTech composite decking Reserve Collection in this pattern to create a timeless look. 

  • Borders: A border in a different shade or pattern can help define seating or other areas of your new deck. You can also use a contrasting fascia board to create interest.  

  • Contrasting colors: Use two or more composite decking colors or add a designer railing in a complementary color to make your deck pop.  

  • Picture Frame: Elevate your deck's design with the timeless picture frame pattern. Create a stunning border around your deck using a contrasting color or tone. This sophisticated look works beautifully with any style of furniture and landscaping. 

Manufacturers offer composite decking in a wide range of colors and styles. Many of them mimic the look of natural wood but without the hassle of continued maintenance. For example, TimberTech composite decking features several collections in colors, including driftwood and antique leather, while Deckorators® Vista composite deck boards include timeless options such as ironwood, dunewood, and silverwood. Other companies, including Trex, WearDeck, and Wolf, offer similar palettes.  

Trex Herringbone
Deckorators Vista
Trex Deck Board
TimberTech Deck Board
TimberTech Herringbone Pattern

Integrated Accessories 

Today’s decks are more than a simple, flat platform. They are the background for multiple accessories that add to appearance and functionality. Adding integrated accessories during construction is cost-effective. It results in less labor and eliminates the need to dismantle part of your new deck for add-ons down the road. Additionally, you can include them in the permit process, so there is no need to pull a second set. 

Popular accessories for 2024 include those that make backyard decks more comfortable, useful, and attractive. Some also take the place of typical deck furnishings. Here are a few of the accessories and composite decking ideas you might consider including in your project.  


Integrated seating is an excellent way to make the most of your allotted deck space. It can include benches, tables, firepits, and so much more. Composite decking lasts for many years, so you will have these seating accessories for a long time. Changing out cushions and accents can help keep them looking fresh and on-trend.  

An important thing to remember when planning built-ins is that you want to choose items that will remain functional well into the future. For example, you might not want to build a playset or sandbox into your deck for small children who will outgrow them, but a suspended reading platform will grow with them. Some ideas for functional items that age well include: 

  • Built-in benches lining the perimeter of your deck 

  • Seating around a custom firepit (either wood or gas) 

  • Posts with sufficient support to hold a hanging chair or hammock  

  • A full outdoor kitchen with water hookups, storage, and a built-in cooler 

TimberTech Deck Seating

Sun Sails and Covers

A covered area on a backyard deck provides a great place to retreat from excessive summer sun. Because you can remove them easily, shade sails and other fabric covers provide ample shade without limiting you to a fully covered space.  

However, if you want to dedicate a portion of your deck to full-time shade, covering it with a roof or including a gazebo structure can make that an attractive reality. This also gives you added protection from rainy weather, so you can go ahead and plan that cookout, knowing a shower won’t stop the fun.  

If you are not sure which approach might work best, consider including a pergola with a retractable shade covering into your design. This gives you the substance of a permanent roof but allows you to open it up to let the sun in. Plus, if you allow it to come down the sides, you also get a nice, private place to relax out of sight from prying neighbors. 

Designer Lighting 

Integrated lighting is one of the most popular composite decking accessories for 2024. It adds to the finished project's appearance by removing bulky or unsightly wires and fixtures. When completed with your original deck, everything will blend seamlessly without the need to go in and make structural changes down the road. Additionally, consider using Wi-Fi controllers so you can operate integrated lights remotely. 

You can choose from several attractive and functional lights that coordinate with your deck design. Some examples of popular lighting trends that go along with 2024 composite decking ideas include: 
Recessed deck lights: Installed directly into composite deck boards, recessed deck lights bring a special ambiance to your outdoor space. Keep in mind that installation is best performed by a professional.  

  • Step lights: If you want to improve safety when navigating deck stairs in the dark, adding stair lights is a natural choice. They fit on individual step risers to light the tread below.  

  • Post cap lights: If you want to add a functional light while also dressing up railing posts, our post cap lights are the perfect solution. They provide a sleek appearance and clearly define your deck boundaries.

Utility Spaces 

Any backyard project can be cut into usable storage and utility space. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise that homeowners are choosing to turn the space underneath their decks into usable storage. This space is a great place to store things such as cushions, furniture, pool equipment, and outdoor games when they aren't being used. It keeps them close at hand yet out of sight.  

If planned well, the area under your deck can serve double duty as a mostly protected storage and utility space. Suspended roofing panels add an added layer of security and keep rain, snow, and dirt out of the area. You can also add pavers or stone for a shaded seating area.

Bring Your Composite Decking Ideas to Life with The Deck Store 

With all the great composite decking ideas for 2024, your biggest challenge may be choosing which ones to incorporate into your project. Our pros at The Deck Store can help. We carry premium brands, including Deckorators, Wolf, Trex, and TimberTech composite decking, in the most popular colors and styles. Contact us to find the right materials for your new deck.