Feeney prides itself on being the original cable railing manufacturer with over 70+ years experience in the industry. Feeney has a rail system that can help provide both beauty and safety.

The easier the cable railing is, the more of a win-win it is for the buyer and the contractor. Feeney has been making it easy for decades. Whether it is Feeney engineered tools to assist with the install or Quick-Connect fittings, choosing Feeney will make your project a breeze.



Different frames call for different fittings. Every railing project starts with a frame. Feeney has simplified the process by organizing the rail system based on the needs of your project.

Feeney cable rail is compatible with Wood, Metal or Composite.

DesignRail Kits

Feeney Cable Rail method is also available using Feeney’s DesignRail Kits with modular aluminum framing.

All of the Feeney Rail and Post Kits feature 6000 series aluminum and AAMA-2604 powder coated finishes for long lasting beauty and durability, available in 36″ and 42″ high railings.


DURABLE. Installing Feeney is an investment into your home or commercial property. Their products are long-lasting and durable. Stainless steel components resist corrosion and last for decades when properly installed.

LOW-MAINTENANCE. Cable rail systems benefit from routine cleaning, though how frequently you’ll need to wipe down your system depends on where your railings are located and what they come in contact with. The same goes for glass systems, which can easily be wiped down with glass cleaner for a like-new transparency.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION. Feeney makes it easy to install their gorgeous railing systems for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. With plenty of instructional materials—from downloadable .pdfs to videos Feeney does its best to ensure you will be able to install your system properly and enjoy it for years to come.

MODERN, YET CLASSIC AESTHETICS. Depending on the rail system you choose, your cable system may look ultra-sleek and modern, or maintain a more classic, almost rustic attractiveness. Feeney CableRail makes systems that work beautifully with wooden posts and handrails. In addition, lighting and accessory options can help you personalize your railing so that it truly captures the style of your home or property.

UNOBTRUSIVE. Don’t interrupt your views with chunky railings. Cable and glass railings can help you maximize your view and help you feel more at one with your surroundings, whether it’s a cityscape, a beach view, or just your backyard, cable and glass railing systems allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the beauty that lies beyond your walls. Indoors, cable railings can help a space look bigger. The ability to see through the railing helps emphasize the amount of space in a room. Solid or clunkier railings can do the opposite, making a space look smaller and more constrained. Feeney CableRail help you make the most of what you have.

WARRANTY: CableRail Stainless Steel Cables and Connectors as well as DesignRail Aluminum Railing Systems and Kits come with a 10 year limited warranty.

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