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Premium Penetrating Wood Sealer

Specially formulated for pressure treated wood, redwood, cedar, and many other woods exposed to the weather. Ideally suited for decks, fences, wood siding, log homes, docks and dozens of other wood projects. 

is ideally suited for deck, fences, wood siding, log homes, cedar roofs, docks, and dozens of other uses. When applying on Cedar, natural Cedar or Cedartone colors are recommended. When applying on a log home for a natural look, Natural Pine is recommended. these colors will give the best protection and still keep it looking natural. Clear is not recommended to prevent graying.

Decks: new decks made from pressure treated lumber must weather approx. 2-4 weeks after project completion. If the lumber has been pressure treated with water repellent, let weather approx. 90 days. For Kiln dried wood, seal immediately. new decks must be cleaned. Use ADM™ Deck Wash or other deck cleaner. If mold is present, a 5% bleach and water solution should be used in effected areas. Tanning discoloration can be removed with ADM™2000 Deck Bright or a 5% solution of oxalic acid.

In order to help prevent damage from freeze-thaw cycles, it is also recommended that wood be sealed on board ends. The first coat should be applied within 30 days of project completion. Second coat, if desired, should be applied 3 to 4 months later. Before reapplication and betweencoats, clean deck with ADM™ Deck Wash or rinsable soap. be sure to rinse thoroughly, let dry, then seal.

Siding: Siding should be washed using the same procedure used on decks. When applying on cedar or redwood siding, siding should b allowedto stabilize for 2 to 4 weeks. Most redwood and cedar siding have variations in color and texture. because of this, you may notice a slightly different color, usually a bit darker. Be sure that you try an adequate brush out. When doing uninstalled wood siding, dipping is best to get all sides. End grain on all wood should also be sealed. both clear and pigmented sealer will keep moisture out for up to 6 years. DO NOT ALLOW to remain uncoated longer than 4 weeks.

Log Homes: Log homes should be washed using the same procedure used on decks. Apply sealer liberally, being careful not to allow sealer to run. ADM™2000 Wood Sealer is also excellent for interior use. Reapplication should be done when necessary.

Fences: Apply ADM™2000 Wood Sealer within 30 days of project completion. Apply liberally, being careful not to allow sealer to run. Always back brush.

Cedar Shake: Usually used in roofing and siding. Should be washed using same procedure used on deck. When doing wood shakes, dipping is recommended to coat both sides.

The Deck Store, Inc. will be happy to supply you with color charts and fan decks upon request.

American Deck Maintenance, Inc. sells and installs ADM™ 2000 products. ADM™ 2000 is considered the best sealer available today. We are also coating professionals and can install or advise about any other product.



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