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Description: Your brush is your most important tool! There is no substitution for a quality brush, these are the best for staining and sealing with oil based products. Their design allows you to cut in a clean and straight edge. This brush will hold a good deal of sealer without dripping, even when working overhead. This brush can also screw onto a pole, which is a must for back brushing the deck and spaces between the boards. In fact you could seal your whole deck and rails with just this brush a pole and a bucket. We have two sizes of brushes. The smaller brush is used by homeowners and professionals for rails and decking because it's easy to handle. The larger brush and I mean larger is used mostly for decking surface where speed is a must. It can also be used for rails with a little care. These brushes will last a long time if cleaned well and taken care of..

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Small Brush - $20.00
Large Brush - $28.95

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